Aerial (Drone) Photography

One of the newest trends in high-end real estate marketing, drone photography is used to get unique and compelling aerial still shots and videos of properties. You can now professionally showcase the stunning aspects of your estate homes, farms, residential multi-unit projects, hotels, golf courses, and commercial buildings including a dramatic aerial view of the neighborhood.

Unique Perspectives

Aerial photography offers views from above, capturing landscapes, buildings, and environments in ways not possible from the ground. This unique vantage point provides a comprehensive overview, showcasing the entirety of a property or area. It allows for a better understanding of spatial relationships, topography, and layout, which is particularly beneficial for real estate, urban planning, and environmental assessments.

Enhanced Property Marketing

Aerial shots create visually striking and compelling images that can significantly enhance property marketing. Whether it's showcasing expansive estates, waterfront properties, or architectural designs, aerial photography adds a captivating dimension. These images can make listings stand out, attracting more attention from potential buyers and conveying a sense of exclusivity and desirability.

Comprehensive Site Analysis

In industries such as construction, agriculture, and environmental monitoring, aerial photography enables detailed site analysis. It provides valuable insights into the terrain, existing structures, and potential challenges. This information is crucial for making informed decisions during the planning and development phases, contributing to more efficient and effective project management. Aerial imagery aids in assessing the scope of a project, identifying optimal locations, and monitoring progress over time.

Aerial (Drone) Photography
Drone use is regulated for commercial purposes. Therefore, our team at Pix by Painter is fully registered, licensed, qualified and capable to legally operate the drone technology. We have received the FAA pt. 107 certification to pilot state-of-the-art drones for real estate marketing. We use only the best in equipment and technology to create premium quality professional photographs, multiple overhead map images, 360-degree panoramas and elevated HD 4K experience videos for your properties.

Drone Can Make A Difference

Drones elevate your property visuals to new heights! 🚁✨ Explore the grandeur of homes with breathtaking aerial shots, showcasing the scale and surroundings. On the ground, our lens captures intimate details and interior elegance. Discover the perfect blend of perspectives with our drone vs ground shots. 🏡📸 #RealEstatePhotography #DroneVsGround #PropertyPerfection

Aerial (Drone) Photography